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About Me


I have been in the real estate industry since 2002, and actually starting out as an appraiser.

Before that however, I worked as a residential concrete finisher; which I started as a summer job when I was 13 and over the years worked my way to become a lead foreman.

As both a residential appraiser and concrete finisher, the housing and market experience I’ve gained has truly been an asset.

Shortly after acquiring my appraiser’s license, I went on to become a Real Estate Broker. Since then it’s been a passion of mine to help families and individuals who are buying, selling, relocating, or investing.

In 2004 I purchased my first 2 investment properties and then in 2005 I bought my first primary home. Since then I’ve had over 20+ investment properties including: rentals, lease options, fixer flips, new construction, and vacation rentals. In 2012, I had the opportunity to feature and host a home on HGTV’s “Million Dollar Rooms”.

In 2008 I married my beautiful bride on the beach in Maui. We have two amazing boys and a little girl who’s our princess!

Aaron J. Rosen on HGTV


Giving Back!

I absolutely insist on enjoying life and having fun! I love being around and meeting new people. I also love investing in people & making a difference in the lives of others. Which is why I love to give back to my community and the world by giving my time, energy and resources to local & overseas missions.

Mission to Jamaica – We’re Here to Help!

This last August a group of us teamed with missionaries and Latin American Child Care in order to help a church that is located in the outskirts of Kingston Jamaica. Our team was there for a total of 10 days and consisted of carpenters, engineers, brick layers, photographers and just every day common people (like myself!). During our stay we worked on an addition to the school & church. The purpose of this addition was to allow room for more of a multi-purpose area, along with picnic benches and also a kitchen! And once completed it gave the children a place to eat their lunch, have outdoor classes, a shaded area for playtime, parent teacher events, and so much more!

However, the construction of this project wasn’t only because of our team, we also worked with local contractors and people like ourselves who lived in the community this school/church was located in. It was great! We witnessed an entire Jamaican community help us, as we helped them, build into the future of this school/church. It was amazing to see everyone putting their own needs aside, and working together for not only the families and children of this community, but for generations to come!

Youth Summer Camps

I teamed up with recording artist Jamie Bonife and her band “Called 2 Serve”, and was fortunate enough to go along and spend a portion of my summer with them. We toured throughout WA and went to youth camp after youth camp. We spent our time investing our lives, hoping to make a lasting impression upon theirs. Like all teens, they seemed to be longing for something more as they faced the daily struggles, confusion, and uncertainties that being a teenager can seem to bring.

Jamie is not like most recording artists, and her band is not like most bands. Jamie and her band members all have a true heart for people and go out of their way to serve. They were on a mission all summer long, and didn’t rest until they reached the goal of what they set out to do. They wanted to help make a difference in the lives of teenagers and shed a ray of hope upon every person they encountered. The band’s music is very positive, appealing, and memorable; but it also has a real edge to it. They are a great band with a lot of talent, bottom line they rock!

But it wasn’t just their music that they brought with them to help mentor and be an example to these kids; they brought themselves. They took themselves off the stage and went out to where the kids were. They became cabin leaders, a voice to listen too, a shoulder to cry on, and an encouraging word. They put it upon themselves to help lift up every person who may have needed help or was going through a tough time.

We traveled throughout the state, visited many different youth camps, and helped mentor and encourage hundreds of students! We helped them change their lives for the better and make lasting commitments. I feel as if I didn’t just help them and these kids we were mentoring, but that they too helped me. It’s a funny thing when you realize, that we are all just people. All people have needs, want to find love, can hit a low point and go through a rough time. But all people can experience the joys life brings, and simply want someone to share those experiences with. That’s what Jamie Bonife and her band Called 2 Serve are all about. Helping people make life long commitments of living on purpose and not giving up! And I feel privileged to be a part of that calling.


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